Why is the time stamp wrong on my behaviors?

If the times that you see in "Behavior Reports" are incorrect, please check the Date and Time Settings on your computer (see below for screenshots on how to do this). You should check that the TIME ZONE is set to your correct time zone. If these are set correctly and you still have issues, call us at 626.765.4566 or send us an email at support@sokikom.com

To access the date and time settings on a PC, click on the clock as shown below:

Then click "Change date and time settings..."

It will open up the date and time dialogue, there it will indicate your time zone under "Time zone". Double check to see that it is in the correct time zone.  If it's not in the same time zone, click on "Change time zone" 

Lastly, the time zone dialogue will pop up, indicate the correct time zone by clicking on it and then click "OK".

If your date and time are still wrong then click on the" Change Date and Time" button in the Date and Time popup. You will need administrator access.

In the popup you can change the time in the red circle and change the date in the blue circle.

To access the date and time on a Mac, click on the time as show below:

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