How do I update my web filter or proxy?

If your school has a web filter or proxy then these urls need to be allowed for Sokikom to work.

Open TCP ports 80, 443 and 843 for all the above addresses.

Depending on your web proxy software, you might need to add "*" prefix to each URL.
    Example: *

Sokikom Multiplayer requires this IP allowed on these Ports.


Puffin Academy will use these IP ranges (CIDR):
- (1 IP)
- (32 IPs)
- (32 IPs)
- (512 IPs)
- (512 IPs)

Puffin Academy needs TCP ports opened for HTTP(80), HTTPS(443), and UDP port for DNS(53)  

If you have other restrictions before the whitelist rules, Sokikom can still get blocked even after it has been whitelisted.
If you use firewall rules to control traffic, always make sure the whitelist rules for Sokikom are executed before any blacklist-like rules.
Since firewall configurations are vendor/hardware/firmware specific, remember to consult firewall providers if you don't know how to do that.

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