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  1. Add students from one class to another

  2. Arrange a Seating Chart

  3. Basics of Sokikom Common Core Math Reports

  4. Can my students play outside of class?

  5. Change a class profile

  6. Change the size of student avatars

  7. Check out our Resources Page

  8. Customize/Change Behaviors

  9. Find Behavior Reports

  10. Give behaviors to multiple students

  11. Help with Mastery Reports

  12. Help with Usage, Individual, and Question Level Reports

  13. How can I change a student’s password/username?

  14. How can I delete a student?

  15. How can I tell if a student logged in and worked for a specific time?

  16. How can students customize their avatars?

  17. How do I access Sokikom from a tablet or smartphone?

  18. How do I add a class?

  19. How do I add a student?

  20. How do I change my password?

  21. How do I change the gender of the avatar for my students?

  22. How do I get students started playing?

  23. How do I give/assign a behavior to a student?

  24. How do I go back to the old Progress reports?

  25. How do I play/test the Learning Game?

  26. How do I Reset Behaviors?

  27. How do I set up a Multiplayer Game for my class or group of students?

  28. How do I sort a Table?

  29. How do I switch all audio and text from English to Spanish?

  30. How do I update my web filter or proxy?

  31. How do students accept friend requests and manage friends?

  32. How do students earn Soki-coins and Class Cash?

  33. How do students get to the correct grade level in the Learning Game?

  34. How do students join a Multiplayer Game?

  35. I Can't Transfer Cash !

  36. I keep getting sent back to login screen...Help!

  37. I want to add a note or comment to my Behaviors

  38. Stuck on a pop up?

  39. Take Attendance

  40. Transfer Cash/Rewards

  41. Undo a Behavior

  42. What are the rewards?

  43. What do I do when students can't do a level?

  44. What if the screen goes grey or black?

  45. Why are students kicked out of Shopping/Lobby?

  46. Why is the time stamp wrong on my behaviors?

  47. Will my phone/tablet be capable with Sokikom?

  48. Will Sokikom work on my computer?

  49. Will Sokikom work on my phone/tablet?

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